Bradley Original Smoker

Perhaps you’ve been reading a Bradley smoker review online to know if this cooking device can meet your needs. Many people love smoked foods, but the extensive smoking process stops them from preparing their own smoked recipes. Using an electric smoker is one way of solving this concern. This cooking device provides a high level of precision and makes it easy to improve the flavor of meat using your desired wood.

Kinds of Electric Smokers

Electric smokers come in various sizes, prices and shapes. Reliable models provide different flavoring and temperature control options. Some models allow you to add wood chips into a smoker pan like the electric smokers from Bradley. Specially made wood chip discs with different flavors such as apple and mesquite can be used to make food items more delicious.

Bradley smokers are user-friendly. You just need to pre-load the wood chip discs and it’s fed automatically onto a tiny hot plate to produce constant smoke. When a new disc moves onto the hot plate, the old one is shoved into a bowl of water to be doused. This prevents the unpleasant acid flavor from building up like what happens when the wood goes beyond the natural smoke point. It also maintains the temperature throughout the smoking process. The smoked food remains moist and nice since the sealed container confines the natural juices of the meat. Smokers also allow the food to develop a smoky taste that suits your palate.

Why Use Bradley Smokers?

Bradley smokers can be used outdoors. This is another reason why Bradley smokers are very popular.  Thanks to its fully insulated interior, it can retain your desired temperature regardless of the weather condition. The hot smoking temperature range of the smoker is between 180 and 250°F, but it can be pushed to around 300°F. The cold smoker temperature range is between 60 and 80°F.

Bradley smokers are also available in 6-rack and 4-rack versions. There are no other differences between the two versions except from the size. The 6-rack takes a bit longer to warm up, so you may want to consider the 4-rack if you want to heat up food quickly. If you are worried about the chips that you can put in the smoker, you don’t really need to. The bisquettes are made from various hardwoods to give you many options for the flavor. A pack that contains 120 bisquettes can provide up to 40 hours of smoking time since the smoker consumes one chip every 20 minutes.

If you are not fond of sitting in front of wood or charcoal smokers for hours due to your schedule or you just don’t have the patience for it, you can definitely benefit from an electric smoker. You will get high quality smoked food items, while saving a lot of time and effort. While the electric smoker is cooking the food, you can just relax and do what you want. You can do other household chores or finish your report. When the smoker is done cooking, you can get the food out and enjoy its delicious flavor.