Advertisements might lead you to believe canned juices are healthy. However, this isn’t exactly true. Prepackaged juices often have high levels of preservatives, additives, and other chemicals that can even be detrimental to your health. The healthiest option is still to make your own juice at home. If you are utterly clueless on what to do, below are some helpful tips to get your started on making healthy juices at home.

Prepare Your Juicer

For starters, you need to get a juicer – whether a hand juicer, an electric juicer, or a food processor. Make sure that you get high-quality equipment regardless of the price. You don’t want your food processor to breakdown in the middle of juicing, do you? Lastly, it of utmost importance that you ensure it is clean and sanitized before beginning to use it.

Prepare Your Fruits and Vegetables

Once you have decided which fruits and vegetables to use in your recipe, wash and rinse them first. These recipes are a great tonic for pediatric bipolar disorder too. After which, tough and bitter parts need to be removed. Then, depending on the type of juicer you have, your ingredients should be chunked in appropriate sizes that the equipment can accommodate.

Process the Fruits and Vegetables

Once you have the right sizes, place your ingredients into the juicer and work up the amount of juice you wish. Dry products such as bananas or avocadoes may need additional fluids like milk or ice to be liquefied.

Experiment with Ingredients

Mixing and matching ingredients can not only be fun, it can also be easy. You simply need to use your knowledge on flavor, simple aesthetics, and nutrition to succeed. For starters, you can mix differently colored fruits and vegetables to get the most nutrients from your drink. You can add flavorings, spices, and sugar (albeit sparingly) to zest up your beverage.

Viola! You’re done after all these easy steps. It is best to prepare your juice once in the morning or even at night so that juice is available all day long for you to consume. Lastly, if it’s too much for your budget to handle going totally organic, at least purchase organic fruits and vegetables that are juiced with the skin on.

If you are on a budget and can’t go 100% organic, at least get organic carrots, apples, celery, or other vegetables that are juiced whole or with the skin on.
Juices can be made and kept fresh in the refrigerator for several hours.
Keep it organic for the most healthy selection of fruits and vegetables.
The taste is best when room temperature.